Shoei G43 Rifle

 Shoei G43

OK - - I had to have one of the G43 model rifles just to see how good they are made.  In short, Shoei has spent an incredible amount of time and effort to make an exact copy of a G43 rifle.  Except for the chamber, blocked barrel and modified bolt face, this is a G43.  

I played around to see if authentic G43 parts would fit and for the most part they do.  An authentic action cover will fit without any modification as will the bolt carrier, magazine, trigger guard, stock - - just about everything!

Attention to detail is remarkable - - note the knurled rear sight adjuster.

Each model rifle is assigned a serial number - - just like the real thing.

An authentic ZF4 scope rig fits perfectly!

Butt plates have made there way on eBay - - the model butt plates are made of thinner steel - - but you'd have to take off the butt plate to find this out.  Yes, Shoei should have left the butt plate in the white!

The stock is made of a laminate - - but the wood is very light - - like a palm-type Asian wood.

The magazine is of a lighter steel - - but very accurate in detail.  Yes, a real mag will work just fine.

Overall - - if you want the look and feel of a real G43 but don't or can't own a firearm, Shoei provides an excellent alternative.

I got my model G43 rifle from the fine folks at the 

Tokyo Model Company

It took ten days from placing the order to the rifle arriving at my front door!