G43 Rifle G43 Rifle K43 Rifle K43 Rifle

G43 Rifle K43 Rifle  ZF4 Scope
Karabiner 43 mit Gewehr-Zielfernrohr 4-fach
Last updated 24 December 2012




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Welcome Fellow Collectors To The G/K43
Rescue Society!

I've been rescuing unwanted and abused G/K43 rifles and ZF4 scopes since 1997 - -  finding rifles and scopes a good home where they can be appreciated!

All the photos of G/K 43 rifles and accessories on this site are items currently in my collection or items I've owned and passed on to other collectors to enjoy.  

None of my photos are "copyrighted" or any other nonsense like that.  You can use the digital images for research purposes - - just don't jerk folks around and tell them you own this stuff.

If by chance a photo is on this site of something you now own and would like it removed, please let me know.

If you have a question, comment, or rifles, scopes and accessories you think I'd be interested in, drop me a line at:


or by clicking the mail button below!


 Mike Prusakowski
Owens Cross Roads, AL  35763

Phone  (256) 508-6011 

My goal for this web site is not to cover all the aspects and fine details of the G/K43 rifle and its development.  That's been done by Darrin Weaver, so get a copy of "Hitler's Garands" if you want to really to get "smart" on this rifle!

Link to Hitler's Garands

How to take a G43 apart

My Local Hangout

Apfeltor G43 Gunsmith Service

Selective Fire G43 in 7.92 x 33

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I pray to God that the world will never have to endure such horror again.  - Kurt Suleski





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